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Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

With high hopes we left our camping spot at Beverly Beach and drove into Lincoln City for the day,

Eager to find glass floats and blown glass sea creatures

Hidden on the beach for the annual Finders Keepers event.

Rain, fog, cold and wind did not deter.

Rocks were overturned,

driftwood moved,

grasses parted.

Iphone lost and found,

Tears shed,

Fingers cut,

Clothing soaked,

Bones chilled.

And not one float found

Not even one.


At dusk the wind picked up and rain fell in earnest sheets.

Reluctantly we stopped the search and ran for shelter.

Determined not to be "Losers Weepers..."

We recounted what we did find, as we sat down to eat.


For it was in looking that we saw:


Driftwood bleached and worn

Parasol mushrooms in driftwood pools

Raindrops on scalloped tops

Seaside plants in winter garb

Shells in salt-and-pepper sand

Luminescent and lacy fungi

Celluloid colored and carved

available in the  4 Birds Vintage shop

available in the 4 Birds Vintage shop

And best of all

Shared laughter

And love.

Finders keepers.