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Portland Bound

Portland Bound

Portland, the city that claimed our hearts, that held us close as we grew into a family of six,

Pulls us in with her food, coffee, and culture, 

And we gladly drove back into her embrace.

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Once a table for 2 with room for a baby,

now a table for 6,

we returned after church to dine at the J & M.

Sipping on coffee from favorite mugs,

we let the passage of time

soak in.

Sampled the hand-poured brew at Coava down the street

and caught up with friends.

A railroad station, chocolate shop, Lego store

and most importantly, great friends to see,

made Canby an essential stop on our journey.

After a week of visiting ,

we headed west with full hearts,

new friends,

fresh eggs,

and fabric for the 4 Birds shop.

Vintage floral fabric - available  here .

Vintage floral fabric - available here.





Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island