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Light and Breath

Light and Breath

The cold and the light took our breath away.

Our introduction to Florence, Oregon began with

a cold afternoon in the forested beauty of Jesse Honeyman State Park -

iphone photos 1165.JPG

our trailer up on jacks, our tire in need of repair.

The unmistakable hiss of escaping air had greeted us as we backed into our campsite;

then the ranger greeted us with the news that we had to move campsites once our tire was fixed.

While waiting for Les Schwab to return with our tire and watching our breath in the afternoon light,

we filled the hours with silly games

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and a fungi hunt,

iphone photos 1158.JPG

attempting to keep warm in the wintry air.

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The evening brought a tire repaired and a road-trip first:

backing our 36-foot home into a wooded campsite

at dark.

While our children were sent to the picnic table to keep out of the way,

Adam backed in

with the light of a flashlight and my phone to guide him.


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The rest of our time in Florence

proved less eventful and full of beauty.

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Mornings of quiet cold and filtered light

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forest face.jpg

Afternoons of forest creatures,

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expansive views,

iphone photos 1268.JPG

blazing light and azure skies.

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We savored the local coffee

shopped Antique Row and local thrifts,

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1940's novelty print fabric, available  here

1940's novelty print fabric, available here

Vintage shoes, available  here

Vintage shoes, available here

Vera cloth napkin set, available  here

Vera cloth napkin set, available here

and enjoyed the waterfront's colorful history and charm.

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iphone photos 1201.JPG

And now weeks down the road,

I found each of us settling in

to this new way of living,

finding our place and our voice

iphone photos 1395.JPG

in a shared home on wheels.

iphone photos 1249.JPG

We are learning to 

to live together with joy

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iphone photos 1322.JPG

to look at one another with more appreciative eyes.

iphone photos 1258.JPG

to breathe in the Light

and thrive in the tight spaces.

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Thank You

Thank You

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