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Christmas in July - part II

Christmas in July - part II

With just days left before Christmas,

we took the suggestion of a friendly local

and found the modern art gallery of

the Hess Collection

Modern art 

And nature 

And history 

Melded into

An afternoon

Rich with beauty.

Christmas Eve dawned

with as much excitement as we've ever had.

Whispering and secret conclaves,

exchanging of tape and scissors

amid the small spaces of our home.

Cookie decorating and mirth

spilled over to the outdoor spaces.

The candles were lit,

one for each day of the season,

and we fell asleep with

anticipation of the Dayspring.

On Christmas morning,

Sleepy-eyed children lit

the final light - the Christ candle -

as cinnamon rolls baked in our tiny oven.

Joyfully, gifts were opened

And calls to family made.

To enjoy the rest of the day's light,

We opted to hike through the hills

in the crisp air

and return for a simple supper,

birthday cake, and games

to finish the celebration.

While in the Napa Valley,

we felt required to pay a visit to

the Bouchon Bakery -

along with the thronging masses -

to sample pastries in the sunshine. 

After consuming more than our share,

we took the rest of the day

to view the area's flora and art,

take in the beauty of The French Laundry's kitchen garden,

and sample the confections of Kollar Chocolates.

The town of Sonoma

 charmed us

with its intact history -

the mystery and romance of the northernmost Spanish mission.

Our light-filled Napa visit and 2013

drew to an end,

and Locals' Night at the Oxbow

called us back on New Year's Eve

to conclude 2013 together


eating good food,

and giving thanks - for the year behind and the year ahead.

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Men need vintage too

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